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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
NadalAgassi's was making a facetious remark, man.
Hmm maybe he was but he still hasn't provided an answer to a few pertinent questions;

1). Why does he state hypotheticals about what would have happened if the Seles stabbing hadn't occurred (Graf slam count going down to 15 etc.) but doesn't do this for any other event or player in tennis history - i.e. Connolly if she hadn't been injured, Budge if WWII hadn't happened, Borg if he'd played the AO etc ?

2). Why does he state his assumptions as if they are fact when we don't know what would have happened? I see he has ignored my point about McEnroe and Lendl because he knows deep down that we have no idea who would have won the slams played during those years.

Until he answers these questions satisfactorily his arguments have little credibility to me.
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