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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
MYTH: Pronation produces significant racket head speed on the serve.

This dated video is not correct and is misleading. It should be replaced to reflect the current biomechanical analysis of the serve. (I'm a big fan of FYB.)

REALITY: Internal shoulder (upper arm rotation) produces the greatest contribution to racket head speed on the serve as described by Bruce Elliott & associates for the last 2 decades.

Biomechanics and Tennis

Video showing ISR.

The confusion comes about because both ISR and pronation result in the exact same rotation at the wrist. However, ISR is powerfully driven by large muscles (lat & pec) but pronation is driven by much smaller forearm muscles.
you´re making interesting points. it´s clear that the power comes mainly from the large muscle groups. but are you saying, that there is no active forearm and wrist pronation? that it happens automatically with no intent from the player? and is something of a byproduct?
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