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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Emphatic no. Fed becomes an UE machine as soon as he's pushed and he doesn't have any plan B.
OK when he's on ******** mode you're right
but didnt you enjoy the way he played vs Tomic and vs Raonic?

Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Djokovic went from being the guy on tour with the worst stamina and endurance to being the guy with the best stamina and endurance seemingly overnight. That just doesn't happen without a little "help".
The guy just made huge efforts in the gym and changed his diet.
Lots of guys I know in the gym and some guys I run semi-marathon with and who lost 15 Kgs in less than a year (lots of training and lots of nutrition change) quickly gained in stamina and endurance. They are not doping, just taking some whey and they used to take bcaa complexes during their first months of diet.
And those guys are not professionals.
I just imagine Djoker made the same or even more siginificant efforts, at the pro level, and it works for him.
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