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Default So where to for from here?

Hey guys!!

I need some help and I'm calling on the largest knowledge base in the known universe on rackets. Recently I have been diagnosed with a bursar located in the front of my right Shoulder (Playing Arm) which is really really painful. I have been resting it and now I'm just hitting lightly a couple of times a week.

So my problems are.

I just hit with a friends " Vintage " ancient Head Atlantis. This frame is easily 20 years old and a wide body , however it played super smooth with some flex. I'm not sure what the specs of this frame were other than the weight which was about 330g strung. It was like the perfect racket for me lol. Anyone familiar with this frame?

So where to for from here? I'm looking for a low flex frame with some comfort that still provides the user with some pop. I have been using the Pure Drive 2012 which does offer some power but I don't think its great for my shoulder injury. I have been a long time advocate and user of the Exo tour 100 16x19 but I'm not confident it will provide enough Pop over a long 3 set match.
I have tried a heap of Frames over the last year everything was stiff.

So there it is. If anyone can shed some light on this problem for me I will be eternally grateful.
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