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I can't believe it's been 18 months since I posted this first!

Since then, I almost completed round 2 of P90X, but started having my shoulder/arm muscles pulled since I increased weight, so I figured I should switch to something else....

And I did! I did about 3 weeks worth of Insanity last fall, then moved to a new place and never finished it due to a busy schedule (and a lot of tennis I played in the fall/winter last year!)

However, things have slowed down, and I started doing GPS Rushfit, and I completed it this weekend! It was awesome! I will post a separate, more detailed write up about it soon. I decided not to take any breaks, and I'm doing TapOut XT next. I did the first video, and it was really tough, but really really fun! I will write something about Tapout too once I'm a couple weeks into it.
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