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I loved the Pro Cynetic 1 and 2 widebodies. When Donnay went out of business (circa 1994-95?), I found a whole bunch of Pro Cynetics in a strange discount store called Value City in Toledo, Ohio (like a low-end Marshall's or TJ-Maxx, selling anything from clothing to furniture). The store literally had hundreds of those on racks, priced at $19.99. I bought 5 PC 2 on the spot, and later came back for a few more. It was a very interesting frame, like a Prince Graphite II on steroids. Very open string pattern, great balance, a very solid feel. I really liked that racquet — it as one of the few widebodies that worked well with a long, classic stroke. The problem is that they had a fatal engineering flaw at the bridge: it was much too thin compared to the rest of the frame, and it was also straight/flat. It would break at each corner rather quickly. You'd be playing, and you could suddenly hear a loud pop, then the racquet would feel wobbly. Check the bridge, and sure enough, it was cracked on one or both sides! It happened to all of my frames within a couple of years.

Only the PC1 and PC2 had crossbars, if I recall. The 3 and 4 were from the same design, but barless.
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