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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
If it were precautionary, he would have put on the undershirt before the match, just like players tape their ankles before a match as a precautionary measure. And he would have done it for every match during his career, yet the only other time he has done it was during Wimbledon last year. Besides, the temperature was already in the 60's before the match even started.
It's obvious that Federer feels the cold more than most people do at the same temperature, (See the thread below about how he asked the young boy at the net if he was cold and would he like to put on a sweater.) He probably does the same thing with his own children and Mirka. Just because he is cold he assumes everyone else should be cold.

Grandparents are also notorious for asking their grandchildren if they are cold. Some people are just cold blooded.

I thought this thread was about Raonic who does not feel the cold.

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