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Almagro is a good example of a pro who does not use enough strategy or tactics. He served for the match 3 times in AO and looked totally lost all 3 times. His 1st serve percentage for the match was poor. He was blasting almost all 1st serves frequently hitting 135 mph. Yes, he won almost all 1st serve points but his serve percentage was 47% for the match. Almagro has a world class kick 2nd serve. I think he would have won the match if he mixed in a few aggressive kickers as 1st serves. I have seen Federer, Djoko and Isner all mix in a kicker. Also, Alamgro's slice serve was not all that great. He hit a couple of boomers wide but was not consistent with the slice serve. Serving wide would have opened the court and given him room to take control of the rally on the next shot.

Ferrer is not the greatest tactician either as he mostly grinds but he was serving much smarter. Ferrer would hit a 110 mph serve near the line on several key points for an ace or unreturnable or to setup a weak reply. Almagro consistently went for 135 MPH serve and missed.

Almagro also looked confused on when to pull the trigger on DTL shots frequently going for too much too soon.

Almagro reminds me of Blake which is basically blast it and if that doesn't work blast it harder. Almagro really needs to work on strategy and tactics and the mental aspects of the game. He certainly has the physical skills to have won the match. But, mental and tactical errors lost the match for him.
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