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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Topaz, tough loss. I hate knowing my match is the deciding match.

downs, will the MD team ask you to come along since you declared for the VA team? Are they vindictive like that? Or would they rather win?

On a side note, these Seinfeld references remind me of a situation 22 years ago:

I planning on quitting my job at the end of the summer and move back home to return to school. My company got word of it, and they approached me with a deal: They were planning layoffs, and asked if I would be open to leaving in May and taking the layoff instead of quitting. I took it and moved home earlier than planned.

As a result, I was able to take summer courses to fill in some gaps. So, I had two 4-week sessions that ran from 8-12. But since I was laid off, I was receiving unemployment benefits and didn't have to work over the summer. So, after class was finished, I had the whole day to hang out.

All I did that summer was play tennis, go water skiing, and hit the beach. I will forever refer to that time as "The Summer of Dan"...
i had a summer like that didn't work again for 8 was the best thing ever...seriously, i had my ice cream truck then, and worked when i need some cash...played a lot of golf then...good times..

McLovin, luckily i'm good friends with a lot of people on that i got an email welcoming me back! i'm excited for indian wells!! i think their super ringer 4.0 is self-rated, and there might be a weird rule about the self-rated people who got bumped up, have to play at their new level? so he would have to play the 4.5 court, or something...i'm not exactly sure...either way, it should be fun!

what's for lunch people? is there snow this friday? why is it so cold out?
"Hey! There were Skittles in there!"
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