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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I noticed the exact same thing with a full bed of 4g 16. After 1.5-2 hrs, the mains were not snapping back in place and I had to adjust the strings between points. I also seemed to experience a reduction in spin. The racquet just didn't play the same.

I've played with these strings about 5 hrs total and the mains are very notably notched....maybe 33% or so.

I wonder if a switch to the 4gs 15 will help a bit?
I just went and took a closer actually appears that many of the mains are notched 50% after ~5 hours. (Granted, probably half this time was drilling and hitting alot more balls than in a match).

I compared the notching to that found on my old racquets (old school Wilson Ceramic 95) strung with Babolat Duralast 16, and found those racquets are barely notched with about the same amount of time on them.

For a recreational player like myself, who is not willing to string racquets every 4-5 hours of play, what do you guys think is a solution? Switch to thick gut mains and thick poly crosses? If that would last ~10 hours I could probably be happy with that.
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