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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
dark, rabbit, et al.......we are talking about this frame in the jr section for an 11 year old girl who hits flat with somewhat of an eastern grip. she is used to 18g blackcode mains with bipase 18g in cross at low tension in her babolat PD. if she stays with the same set up and her swing path do you think she would like this frame will she have issues with directional control since she is not a heavy tops hitter with such an open pattern. or will this frame force her to hit more tops to keep the ball in, your thoughts
Hey man, good to hear from you. Based on my experience, she will like the frame. The one I hit with for two hours was not set up to my liking even though I strung it . The owner asked that I string it at 58.5/55.5 and then said I could hit with it. I had no issues with control, it played great for me. There is an adjustment at first because the ball will have a bit higher trajectory, but that is really corrected without any thought whatsoever.

The frame is stiff (not as stiff as a PD), but plays soft. Again, the midpoint on this frame is 58, I play to string mine at 54-ish with poly or 58 with gut mains and 54 with poly crosses. I think this frame would be fantastic at lower than midpoint tension. So much so, that I have ordered two.

Originally Posted by tennis_nut View Post
Broke the mains in my gut/poly hybrid earlier today. It was 16g Prince gut mains with 17g 4G crosses. The setup lasted roughly 6 hours of play.

Besides the lack of durability, the setup played amazing. Not overpowered like I thought it would be. Very spinny initially but after the 2nd hour the mains weren't snapping back as well. I think a thicker and slicker cross might be the ticket as Drakulie had mentioned. I think I'll try RPM 16g next as a cross. Not worried about tension loss because I think the gut will break before any drastic change in tension. If I can get 8-10 hours outta the gut/RPM, I'll be happy.
Thanks, that is super encouraging. I think this setup sounds great.
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