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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
You, as a 4.0 player, are not better than the club teaching pros.

Just take a private lesson.
Good points.

I am actually better than 3 of them. Let us put that aside for now since you seem very sure.

I don't feel comfortable taking only one lesson and asking them to look into one issue only. It is a business, and they will be looking for long term commitments. I don't know their preference, but I would be very uncomfortable saying: Here is your X bucks. I am not going to warm up or do unrelated drills - already warmed up at home and on the next court. I prefer not to pick up balls, but will do it if you force me to. I want answers to these 2 questions only. After that, I will never take any lesson from you.

It is not fair to them.

I also know exactly what they teach, having been in the next court for years now.
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