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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
In my past USTA life as a 4.0 I played a lot of mixed. I have partnered with this one 4.0 lady at 8.0 several times. When we partnered she would always return the guys serve well inside the baseline ... she explained that she could not handle spin out wide if she played back and that in mixed she found that guys were always afraid to hit the big serve at a woman anyway.
I'm curious about how she executed this strategy. It sounds like she stands in close and then does the best she can. This encourages the man to body serve her, of course.

I think it is a lot smarter and more effective to stand right on the baseline. Then when the guy tosses, take a few steps in and split. Mix it up and don't move in sometimes. I find that this makes you a lot less predictable, so the guy can't know exactly when to body serve (or at least makes them doubt what to do a bit more).

Since she's now your opponent, don't tell her that, though.

So these are my questions:

Do you ever crowd the service line because you think you will gain a psychological advantage against the man?
No, I don't do it for psychological advantage against men or women. Against women I do it so more angles will be open to me on my return, I can get to the service line more readily, and I can have the ball back on the server faster.

Against men, I prefer to return from the baseline. But if the guy aces me out wide or up the middle, I start moving in until I start making some returns.


Would you be upset if your opponent rifled hard serves at you regardless of your gender?

It's mixed. If you don't want to be out there, then don't play. I've never gotten upset with a guy who hit at me or served at me hard or whatever. And believe me, they do it all the time.
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