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Originally Posted by El Nino View Post
Who do you thinks best to emulates in terms of playing style. I use a western grip and I need someone to emulate who also has a western grip too. (I am a 4.5 junior and I see my opponents hammering forehands like Delpo and crafty shot-placement of tomic)
look at film of the top players using slow motion. they have reached the top because they have sound fundamentals. not just great strokes but great footwork, balance, conditioning,etc. For a junior player wanting to really improve I always recommend getting a GOOD coach. There are lots of coaches out there so make sure you get the best coach you can. ask the best players about their's fun for a junior player to emulate a top pro but to be a winner you must find your own game that will work for you under the pressure of match play.A GOOD coach will help you do this. Good luck!
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