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Originally Posted by max View Post
Yonex; I checked the site. You might guess that my moniker here has to do with my unabiding passion for the famed Dunlop Max 200 G.

At any rate, it's difficult believing one could progress as far as you have without a business plan, but you've done well so far. Good luck!

At 350g, I might buy one, etc. Right now I'm into Volkl. Cosmetically, the white is nice (I don't associate that with a "woman's racquet" which I think some of the younger crew here do, for whatever reason; I think instead of the great Prince frames of yore!). It's distinctive as well, which is something. I hope the 92-93 sq. inch head size works out; do you have a notion of the swingweight?
Thanks for the kind words. Seems that I am not the only one who has experienced the magic of the Max. BTW, my initial thought was that Max was the name of the pet on your shoulder.
Please note that the 350G is our target weight for the racket unstrung. We are aiming for the swingweight of the Max 200g.
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