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Originally Posted by Deanjam View Post
It's strange. When the draw was made I would've put Djokovic down as the easiest draw, yet he's the only one of the big 3 to have been challenged in a match (v Wawrinka). I also think he now has the more difficult QF opponent in Berdych. Funny how the draw has panned out.
you're forgetting that Berdych only brings his A-game when he plays Federer. He was a complete joke against ND and is always a complete joke against Nadal. I sometimes think he hates Federer so much that he'll tank a match to keep him from getting back to #1 or winning another GS (the conspiracy theorist in me). 2 breadsticks? How pathetic. And that was a QF of a GS. And Djoker, well you could never tell he played a marathon against Wawrinka less than 2 days earlier. Amazing recovery.
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