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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Is that really the way to improve though? If you need to use poly string to keep the ball in play, to me that suggests that there are problems with your swing. Might be better to address those problems than to rely on a string that will counteract them, if your goal is to progress and not just to win at your current level.

I can understand strong players choosing a poly string so that they can hit more aggressively and keep the ball in play, but 3.0s? Just seems like strange logic to me.
Exactly. If you can't hit the ball in with topspin using syngut, the poly is pointless. The whole point of poly is for players with developed topspin to be able to hit harder and keep the ball in. Almost every player started with syn gu, and anyone who can't keep the ball in play with syngut has no reason to use poly.
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