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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Tomic has no speed. Dmitrov has no power. Dolgopolov has no consistency. Raonic is just a serve and the courts are too slow everywhere for that to be enough. Harrison is fat. Nishikori is short and injury prone.

None of them will make it to top 5 in the rankings, in 5 years time when Djoker/Murray and Nadal start breaking down, that worthless generation won't be ones to take their place and win slams. They will be superseded by a new generation of young players we haven't even heard of yet.

Maybe if Harrison loses weight he could make it, but that's it. He's the only one with a fixable weakness.
He is injury prone because he's short? Like with Harrison's fatness, Nishikori's shortness isn't a weakness. If you said Nishikori's serve is crap because he's short, or Harrison's movement is crap because he's fat - they would be legitimate weaknesses. But you merely described physical attributes, as if, by being short, even if you serve like Sampras, it doesn't count because you're short, or if you're pudgy, even if you move like Nadal, it doesn't count cuz you're fat.

As it is, Nishikori's serve isn't the worst of the bunch, and Harrison's movement isn't the worst of the bunch.
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