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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
That's a strategy in my book. It forces Amagro to choose - go for the winner or hang in the rally. Ferrer's saying (with his tennis) that he can hang with Almagro all day long. So now you're Almagro. Do you try to hang with Ferrer and stay conservative? Can't go too conservative or Ferrer will hurt you. Or do you get brave and take Ferrer dtl at some point? When? Higher risk shot, and you know that if you don't hit it well that Ferrer's going to run it down and now you've potentially put yourself in a bad position. You have several hundred milliseconds to make your decision while you're running down the next shot - take your time.

Again I disagree. Mental toughness, keeping your head in the point, having the confidence that you can hit extra balls and not go for the winner too soon, is a weapon. You fold that into an overall strategy of when and how to get aggressive or stay conservative.

Remember that these guys are hitting big almost every shot. Even the conservative shots are pretty good rips. I don't think that maintaining that belief in yourself, and not letting the doubts creep in, is trivial.
Yeah the whole level is different I suppose. Easy for me to say mental strength is not a strategy, but holding it together for 5 sets is quite a taxing situation.
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