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Originally Posted by tkoziol View Post
Heartland actually... Northern California would be nice weather though

I only know of one USPTA instructor here who teaches reverse FH, but he hates WW FH. He also doesn't teach slice to students under the age of 16.

I guess what confuses me the most is how different USPTA instructors teach. Aside from the basic fundamentals of tennis, there are almost no similarities. It does seem that most of their education occurs after the certification process, evident by wildly different teaching philosophies, teaching tools being used, and results with students.
So Cal has better weather

What I have observed is that coaches have great difficulty getting their students to come to the net or to slice, which probably creates the impression of them emphasizing it too much. I have watched and been a roving official for several junior tournaments, and the players, especially the girls, are loathe to slice or come to the net. Big TS forehands seem to come naturally to them, with the boys having more TS than the girls. Perhaps they end up learning the RFH by themselves? That is how I did it - just happened without thinking.
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