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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
No one is happier than I that this is a success story, but as others have pointed out it is easier to regain lost prowess than to stretch yourself beyond your previous maximum. someone who took up tennis at age 35 (now 40), when I play guys who started at a very young age, its pretty obvious that, even though our technique and strokes may be similar, they have a higher tennis IQ and their muscle memory is more readily available even though I might have progressed at a fairly rapid pace as far as skill development. There is something about taking up, and becoming proficient at, a sport when young that lends ease to that ability staying "put" and coming back more easily.

I grew up playing hockey, didnt skate for 20 years (literally), put skates back on a few years ago and within a minute felt right back at home where everything just came automatically. Tennis will never be that way for me as the muscle memory was not "set" when at a younger more impressionable age.
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