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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post

So these are my questions:

Do you ever crowd the service line because you think you will gain a psychological advantage against the man?

No. I play 7.0 & 6.0 (as a 3.0W). My reactions times are not quick enough to crowd inside the baseline against a good server. I know this, so I'll give myself time to react. If I get aced a few times, then I shrug and accept that it's to be expected (especially at the 7.0 level).

If I know someone has a weak second serve, then absolutely I move in (against men or women). But not for psychological reasons, but because I want to hit the best return I can (it's my one "good" shot).

I don't understand people that refuse to return from inside the baseline when they know the server can't hit a serve fast or deep and they are going to wind up scrambling to move up to hit the return.

Would you be upset if your opponent rifled hard serves at you regardless of your gender?
No. Absolutely not. Though with me, they are better off hitting a kick serve. I can (eventually) get the timing down well enough to at least block back a hard serve to start the point, but a good kicker? That one can take a whole match for me to "get". If I ever do. Sigh.

The only time I got a bit upset when I was hit with a fairly hard serve (thankfully in the leg) was when my 4.0M opponent was serving to my 4.0M partner in the deuce court and managed to hit me on the fly standing near the ad-service line. I wasn't even crowding the middle! It was the very first point of the match too. :: grumble ::
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