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Originally Posted by Blocker View Post
Yep. And then along came Federer who had a target to aim for. By the time he won his 5th, everyone was asking him if he could break Sampras' record. He had a target, he went for it and got it. And he has kept his fitness and game at a peak level because he doesn't want to happen to him what happened to Sampras.

Put Sampras and Federer head to head in their primes...that's the only way you can compare. Federer was made to look god-like when he had no one around in 04-07, but i suspect he would have been made to look very much human if a prime Sampras had been around in 04-07.
yeah, sampras also had a target of one RG, one ... guess what , he failed miserably at it ... not even reaching one final ...
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