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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Best captain I ever played for sent out the schedule as soon as it came out and asked everyone to let him know of any matches they know they'll miss (work, vacation, kids, etc). If there was a match that it looked like we would be short, he would seek out additional players, specifically asking about the key date(s) where we looked thin.

Then, every Monday he would re-confirm availability and send out a lineup by Thursday for the weekends match. We never defaulted a line. It was a simple and effective strategy.

That's the way I do it. I'm hyper-anal about schedules and lists and such, so once we had the schedule, I sent it to my team and asked for any days they knew they were unavailable. I plug those into my spreadsheet and then filled out the rest of the schedule with everyone's on & off days, but not what lines they'll play. I use Google Drive and will send out the link so everyone can view, but only I and the co-captain can edit. The week before the match I work on the actual line up and send it Tuesday and reconfirm on Friday & Monday (match day).

The spreadsheet is even color-coded so I know at a glance who can start early and at which locations since our league does staggered starts at first matches start at 6pm (can be tough when you're traveling 60miles on a Monday after work).
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