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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Sam Querrey could probably peg me at will even if I'm standing 5 ft behind the baseline. The incongruity here would be the notion of me being in a "competitive" match against him.

Mixed introduces an inherent contradiction between the bolded bits in your response. It purports to be competitive, but then puts together people on the court who are NOT evenly matched. Do you really think a 3.5 woman is "relatively evenly matched" with a 4.5 man? Really? But yet this is a common pairing in 8.0 mixed.
If they're playing at the same level (8.0 or whatever), the teams should be relatively evenly matched and the match competetive. At least tnat is the goal of NTRP. In any (relatively competitive) match, there are relative advantages and disadvantages, and you can't afford to just give up one of your biggest advantages out of a sense of chivlary or whatever. If dizz were playing a 3.5 woman in singles, then he should probably hold back a little, but that is not the case here.
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