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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
T, don't use that ****. Stay natural and your organs will be with you a lot longer.
Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
I agree wholeheartedly. People who take this crap never give any thought to what may happen down the road. There are guys in the gym who talk about shooting up like it is as common as eating a donut for breakfast. It just makes me laugh. Plenty of naturals are just as good or better.
If he's really done his research (which he has said) he'll be just fine. Like any drug, the biggest danger is in abuse. If it's done properly, intelligently, and with medical supervision (at least inform your GP that you're doing it) then it can be done safely and effectively without destroying yourself anymore than long term drinking, smoking, or other drug use.

Gym bros that talk about shooting up in the gym probably do not fall into the category of intelligent users

T has some extravagant goals he wants to reach, which realistically WILL require the use of PEDS to accomplish unless he is in the top .1% of the genetic freak pool (like the kid I posted earlier, who might very well be on drugs and just beat the test)
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