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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Yeah the whole level is different I suppose. Easy for me to say mental strength is not a strategy, but holding it together for 5 sets is quite a taxing situation.
I read something that Jim Courier said a while back about having the guts to hit the big forehand on the big points and how hard it is. Those guys (and gals) definitely feel it.

For me staying in any point can be mentally taxing. You've seen me and Cheetah hit. I'll tell you that for me, believing I can continue hitting that big (it's big for me anyway) shot after shot, and believing that I'm going to keep the ball in and keep the rally neutral until I'm ready to be aggressive, and deciding what ball is weak enough to try something more aggressive is really hard for me. After a couple of big shots you feel like it should be over - you want to mentally check out, but against better players that's rarely good enough. They can come up with answers, and you have to roll with it and keep the focus.

So Courier's comment really resonates with me.
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