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Originally Posted by marosmith View Post
Wrong, it was the forehand cross court exchanges he was losing, most of the winners and forced errors were generated by his backhand and the bh to bh rallied were dominated by Almagro's superior BH
Match stats, for what it's worth:

Forehand Winners: Ferrer 13 Almagro 13
Forehand UE: Ferrer 27 Almagro 31

Backhand Winners: Ferrer 3 Almagro 10
Backhand UE: Ferrer 15 Almagro 24

In sets 3 and 4 Almagro had 4 BH winners and 17 BH UE. (Compared to 8 FH winners and 17 FH errors).

Unfortunately the stats don't tell us what happened to the BHs that weren't winners or errors. And I suspect that Almagro had more FH than BH winners on routine short-ball putaways.

But the backhand definitely seemed to go south on him in the latter stages of the match.

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