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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
maybe this idea may help .record matches and review cheaters and mis-conduct who have a 'reputation'.. . with a small investment from the USTA and a little note to all parents and players participating in some tournaments ... something like this::

"" the USTA is doing and in house experiment trying to curb cheating "" we will be recording certain matches and will b reviewing them"" ""if anyone is found guilty of cheating,you will be suspended from future participation for 6 months ect. ect..::: --- (some of you better writers can elaborate on this)...

I think this would scare the crap out of some cheaters and straighten up a bit..

You might not know about this, but the sections are already suspending kids who are caught cheating.

In the past few months, there have been two big suspensions that I know of, one was 3 months for cheating,
and the other was 6 months for cursing out the TD ( yes, a boy...).

But, I have heard juniors come back from their suspensions and laugh about it
( sit there quietly with a book at a tournament and you will be amazed at what you hear.).

So, in all fairness, sections are doing their jobs with the suspensions, but it doesn't seem to stick with the kids....
They go right back to their ways.
Maybe, this is a maturity issue, I don't know.
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