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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
maybe this idea may help .record matches and review cheaters and mis-conduct who have a 'reputation'.. . with a small investment from the USTA and a little note to all parents and players participating in some tournaments ... something like this::

"" the USTA is doing and in house experiment trying to curb cheating "" we will be recording certain matches and will b reviewing them"" ""if anyone is found guilty of cheating,you will be suspended from future participation for 6 months ect. ect..::: --- (some of you better writers can elaborate on this)...

I think this would scare the crap out of some cheaters and straighten up a bit..
I think you are right. This is a great idea. However, instead of being experimental, it should be done permanently . . . ASAP. It also might be a good idea to have a few undercover officials floating around as well watching over matches.
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