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Originally Posted by ronray43 View Post
Still, of the eight opponents he played, all in doubles matches, six of them are rated 4.5 and two rated 4.0. He has proven he's not only competitive as a 4.5, but can win at 4.5. Yet another example of why USTA needs to integrate win-loss record into at least a portion of the NTRP algorithm.
4 matches is hardly enough of a sample size to determine that he belongs at 4.5

He very well may have had some very good matches, and his opponents could very well have had some bad matches ... it happens.

My friend who just got bumped to 4.0 for 2012 went 19-2 in the spirng season and was bumped to 4.5 for 2013. He had a reasonable sample size of matches to determine he was ready to move up .... 4 matches is really not enough, especially when they were all close scores.
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