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Below is further clarification, now that the rules mentioned above have been written more clearly by ITA.


1. If a player takes a Medical Time-Out, he will receive a point penalty. This point penalty is not part of the progressive point penalty schedule for code violations.

2. A player can take 1 Medical Time-Out per match.

3. A player can take 1 Medical Time-Out in the warm-up, and 1 Medical Time-Out in the match (for the same condition ONLY). If the player takes a Medical Time-Out in the warm-up, he still receives a point penalty, and then if he takes one in the match for the same condition, he will receive another point penalty.

4. If a player takes a bathroom break during or immediately after the warm-up, it will be considered his ONLY Medical Time-Out for the entire match, and of course, he will receive a point penalty.

5. A player can take an emergency bathroom break during the match (as long as he has not had a Medical Time Out already). If he takes an emergency bathroom break that is not at a changeover or set break, it will be considered his one Medical Time Out for the match (maximum of 3 minutes), and he will receive, yep you got it, a point penalty.

6. Medical Time-Outs are now limited to 3 minutes ONLY! No evaluation time allowed. When the trainer puts his/her hand on the player, the 3 minutes starts. If the trainer discusses the injury before hands-on, the chair umpire can allow 1 or 2 quick questions, but then the trainer and player must decide if a medical time-out will be taken. If yes, the 3 minute clock starts.

7. In the past, if a player was losing a match, and looked over at the scores and saw that his teammate was about to wrap up the dual, he could take a medical time-out down match point, hoping to stall his match until the dual was decided, to avoid a loss on his record, and cheat the opponent out of a win. Now, if a player is down match point, and requests a medical time-out, he will immediately be assessed a point penalty (as opposed to after the medical time-out at any other time of the match), and the match will be over.
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