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Originally Posted by ronray43 View Post
Still, of the eight opponents he played, all in doubles matches, six of them are rated 4.5 and two rated 4.0. He has proven he's not only competitive as a 4.5, but can win at 4.5. Yet another example of why USTA needs to integrate win-loss record into at least a portion of the NTRP algorithm.
And how do you know that he didn't win because of a strong partner? His rating did improve throughout the year, just not enough to get bumped up.

But, since you want to focus on records, here are his matches.

The first match was a 5 and 4 win over a 4.5 (bumped up from 2011 so not that strong of one) that went 2-4 for the year and finished with a rating just over 4.0 and a 4.0 that only went 5-5 for the year. And he played with a 4.5 partner. So this one wasn't that strong a win.

The second and third matches were with a self-rated partner so they didn't generate a match rating for him, but were a match tie-break win (but lost more games than the opponent) over a 4.5 that went 1-3 for the year and a newly bumped to 4.5 that went 1-4 for the year, and a close 6 and 5 win over a 4.5 that went 0-2 and a 4.0 that went 1-4. Even if these counted, they would not have been that impressive.

The fourth match was a 5 and 4 win over two 4.5s one that went 4-2 but one that went just 1-1. This was the most impressive result for the year and by itself indicated he played at a 4.5 level, and did improve his dynamic rating, but wasn't enough to get his overall rating above 4.0.

So, if you look at the details, you see that he had a winning record, but the matches were all close, two opponents were 4.0s, and two other opponents were just bumped to 4.5 so likely on the lower end of the 4.5 range. And the combined record of his opponents was just 15-25 on top of them not all being 4.5s. And he played with what appears to be a strong partner.

So his staying at 4.0 seems entirely plausible.
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