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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
If they're playing at the same level (8.0 or whatever), the teams should be relatively evenly matched and the match competetive. At least tnat is the goal of NTRP. In any (relatively competitive) match, there are relative advantages and disadvantages, and you can't afford to just give up one of your biggest advantages out of a sense of chivlary or whatever. If dizz were playing a 3.5 woman in singles, then he should probably hold back a little, but that is not the case here.
I donít believe chivalry should be disregarded just because Iím playing a competitive match. I try to be a gentleman both off & on the court. As a 4.0M with a big serve I have plenty of opportunities to hit hard body serves at women playing too close to the service line. I choose not to because:
1) I wouldnít feel good about myself if I hit a woman.
2) I honestly donít need to use my serve to intimidate the woman in order to get easy points. I can hit aces & service winners with relative ease already.

Dizz, can you honestly say you have no qualms at all about hitting that woman twice? If you hit her with flats, she MUST have 2 significant bruises.
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