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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Exactly. If you can't hit the ball in with topspin using syngut, the poly is pointless. The whole point of poly is for players with developed topspin to be able to hit harder and keep the ball in. Almost every player started with syn gu, and anyone who can't keep the ball in play with syngut has no reason to use poly.

I fit into this description of a player who can benefit from poly, except that I'm a 3.0. I leapt up to poly level when I shifted from an eastern grip to a modified eastern on the forhand. I'm also implementing a unit turn that makes me swing alot faster after I release the racquet with the off hand. Next I need to add opening the hips.

I used to use multis, but I wouldn't trust them with the new stroke. I don't think syn guts would work as well either. My serve is better than it has ever been. My backhand still needs some work, as I'm attempting to switch to a one-hander. I know, too many changes at once.

So what I did was switch to a poly hybrid and I'm catching up with my technique, rather than plateau on syn gut and eventually switch to poly. Thanks for your contributions.

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