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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Peple want it both ways: they claim the game is more physical now so it's harder to win more titles, but at the same time say that nutrition and training are so much more advanced than they were decades ago. Which is it? The players of the 1960s were poorly conditioned, trained on beer, but were able to play enough to win 200 titles????
The advanced nutrition and medical gets totally blown out of porportion. Of course it helps modern players, but it's not going to turn a player into superhuman. If you're injured due to physcial stress on court, you still have to take time off, have surgeries, and even injuries can stay permanent(eg hip injury). Nole is incredibly fit, but does anyone believe advanced science is going to keep him playing as long as Rosewall? Hell no. Nothing can help if he put so much stress on his leg, shoulder, knee, etc(as we have seen many of his matches).

I supposed if Laver had all the access to modern science...nutrition, better doctor, better equipments in the 60s, he would win 400 titles ?? LOL
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