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Hey we all make mistakes .
Even though i am a huge Fed fan, i give full credite to Nadal. I dislike his tennis style, too much one dimensional for my taste, altough i consider it highly effective. But i admire his heart and determination and imho he has the most devastating weapon in tennis history (alongside Sampras`s first and second serve), his forehand on clay. It`s just brutal. I am from Argentina and clay court tennis is pretty much a religion , at least for the tennis fans around here. I watch him play live only once in my life and that was back in 2005 in the Buenos Aires ATP 250. He was just 18 yo and he played against Gaudio. I was in awe watching this kid play (he was just whipping the floor with Gaudio, the reigning RG champion at the time), when he hitted a crosscourt forehand to Gaudio`s backhand, the ball had such amount of spin that it kicked up so high that Gaudio found himself hitting a backhand smash from 4 or 5 meters behind the baseline. That was scary, believe me. I will never forget Gaudio`s reaction, "What the f..... was that??" he said to his support group who were just a couple of seats in front of me. The only player i can imagine doing something similar, provided that he has poly strings, is Bruguera. You just simply DO NOT DEFEAT a player with a weapon like that on clay.
Great story with Gaudio. I forgot that many called McEnroe the GOAT and some thought Edberg was possibly the GOAT. That's a huge population of GOATs. I often laugh when I see another current number one called the GOAT. GOATs are definitely not on the endangered species list. I haven't seen it yet with Djokovic. Anyone know if he's been called the GOAT by anyone yet? If not he will be if he wins another major or so.

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