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Originally Posted by TennisPo View Post
So I saw the new speed, and I compared the old speed to the new speed, ad YES there is a head size difference. The instinct had the SAME head size compared to the old one.
I owned the Speed IG MP but never really fell in love with it as there were numerous aspects of it I just did not like and as a result parted with it after about 6 months.

Dislikes: beam we too thin, unstable outside the sweet spot, weird head shape, lacking power and adding lead only made it less controllable.

New Speed Graphine MP: I just purchased this racquet after having my BLX Blade 98 stolen at an out of town tournament. I liked the G way better than the IG even before customization. I ended up leading the head and handle to increase both the static and swingweight improving the overall stability and plow although, it is a very good stick even without customization.

Dislikes:Too light without lead
Likes: Beam width, stability, feel, power.

I really liked the weight of the Pro but wanted the 16X19 pattern in the MP.
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