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Originally Posted by ARFED View Post
Come on pc1, not so sure about Nadal being top 10 all time?? He is the best clay courter of all time (only Borg is in his league). That should be enough. In any case, if you are not sure about Nadal then how can you make a case for Riggs, Segura, Hoad, Sedgman or Budge?? The bull is clearly a more accomplished player than any of those (maybe Budge comes close but not close enough imo). He is arguably a top 5 all time already. IMO any list without Nadal in it is a crazy list to say the least
ARFED, I cannot agree that only Borg is in the claycourt league with Nadal. What about Rosewall? That guy won six times at Roland Garros even though he did not play there in several years when he could have won that title: 1955, 1956. 1957, 1963, 1964, 1965,1966,1967, 1970,1971, 1972...
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