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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Start sipping on the powerade zero. Pastas (complex carbs). In the morning a couple hours before you play eat a bagel and some peanut butter. Start sipping water soon as you wake up. Make sure you have a towel in your bag and i always recommend having your notes in your bag so you can reflect on what you need to be doing on change overs.
This is good minus the Powerade. Don't drink anything with Corn Syrup as it's deadly cancer causing toxins in it. Anything labeled "Zero" as in no sugar is dangerous... also anything with aspartame.. both Corn Syrup and Aspartame cause cancer, lowered iq, alzeimers, and other health defects.

Drink Water... if you need electrolytes go for Pedialyte which is excellent.

Pasta is good for energy although unhealthy on many other levels, but to some extent athletes need carbs for instant energy.

Drink tons of water and rest. Make sure your bag is prepared with ANYTHING you may need in your match, from nu-skin, to towels, clothes, tape, bandaids, scissors, drinks, snacks, gels, notes, etc...
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