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Lightbulb How do you read pusher's lobs, EASY, i will TELL you

Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Found this article, very good, I'm not an all-court player (hate going to the net) but I guess I'm gonna have to become one..
UNFORTUNATE, classic mistake this article makes. It tells you "unfortunately, pushers don't disguise their LOBS very well". Oh yea, that 's nice to know. BUT how do you read pusher's lobs ? did he tell us ? NOoooooooo.

I will tell you instead. I know a few tricks that being a advanced level player that I am. This is very valuable information. Until the pusher hits his sliced lobs, you don't need to watch the ball. WATCH his rackets FACE. and angle of his racket face. If you are not used to doing this, it will take bit of getting used to. Just before he hits the ball, ANGLE of his racket face will be wide open, meaning face of his racket will be facing the ceiling or sky or something close to that. If he is about to hit his slice drive ( if you can call that crap a drive), the racket face will be more closed.
WATCH his racket face during WARMUP, and ask him to hit a few passing shots and Lobs. and see the difference of the racket face Angle and you will see the difference.
and once you know, USE it during the match.

WATCH the racket face, not his ugly face(unless his name is Maria Sharapova). Before he hits the ball, it will be like he is telling you, I am going to LOB or I am going to hit a slice pass.
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