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Originally Posted by hersito View Post
A few weeks ago on a radio show I heard a recently retired to 20 player, what he said was that probably a lot of players are doping but only the ones 100 and above in the ranking, he said that when you cross the 100 rank you get tested often and that if you start winning tournaments he saw it impossible to dope and play, he also said that he didn't think that there were silent bans. He was very open talking about it and it didn't seem that he was lying. He also said something like it didn't matter how much you doped, that you could be the incredible hulk but if you don't have the shots, the technic and you don't train a lot there is no way you can be a to 10.
It's obvious you cannot win simply with doping, you need to have technique. But if you take 2 players with equal skill and one of them dopes... he can run faster, and doesn't get tired after 3 hours, while another one is clean - who do you think will win?

Look at Lance. He was tested more frequently that tennis players and he was never caught. If you have money to buy designer drugs and hire good doctors then you're not likely to get caught.
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