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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post

The guy just made huge efforts in the gym and changed his diet.
Lots of guys I know in the gym and some guys I run semi-marathon with and who lost 15 Kgs in less than a year (lots of training and lots of nutrition change) quickly gained in stamina and endurance. They are not doping, just taking some whey and they used to take bcaa complexes during their first months of diet.
And those guys are not professionals.
I just imagine Djoker made the same or even more siginificant efforts, at the pro level, and it works for him.
And you don't think he trained hard before 2011?
It's funny how these players try to explain their miraculous results. Like Nadal's grip change that added 10 MPH to his serve. Did he just discover a new service grip after 10 years on tour?
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