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Everyone's a little different. For me before a ranked match I've partied and gone out the night before and played really well. Generally you'd want to be coming off at least 9 hrs of sleep but no more than 10 (I get sluggish). Tried pasta before matches but for me I feel like a sloth when I eat that stuff so I just eat whatever I'm feeling (nothing too heavy, no mcdonalds lol) and usually play great. Drink a lot of water and stay warm throughout the day. I like to do some light workouts before I play. I pack my bag with a lot of water bottles, energy drinks (like endurox or something else), energy gels if you are playing a long tourny, pretzels, random crackers, some choclate, change of shirt, general tennis stuff (wristbands, socks, hats, etc). Anything else you can think of that you may need.
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