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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
How well is the durability on this and playability? And there are 2 TCS strings theres an original and TCS rapid.
TCS is one of the softest polys but it still has some type of crispness that makes it unique. It has nice access to spin and good balance of power and control. As any soft poly, it looses tension faster than more stiff polys, so depending on your type of strokes, you could get 6-8 hours (that is if you like to play with fresh strings). I like this string when fresh as it changes its characteristics once it goes dead; it looses its power when it goes dead so use it fresh.
I will use it in the new 2013 APD today. Have not used this string for some months but planning to use it in a more consistent way.
I use the yellow version, have never used the Rapid (white color). I've been told that the yellow version has a bit more control and is a bit crisper than the white version.
Till now, TCS is the best string that works for me in the 2010 APD, I will see with the 2013 version.
I suggest you try it out. Many TW playtesters like it, including Jason and Chris. Good luck!
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