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I demo:ed the Wilson 104 yesterday since i noticed it had a flex rating of 60,and my local shop happens to have them in stock.

It actually played great,and was soft on my arm,but its a bit light,so i fiddled with the TW customization tool to get and indication of how much lead to add.

I set both static and SW to 325 as a start,up from 303/308,that should add enough stability yet keeping it easy to swing.

However,the tool suggest lead at 10 and 2,if i look for stability shouldnt 3 and 9 be better ? Or since the amount suggested is ~8 grams in the head,maybe add 2 grams each spot 10/2 and 4/8?
The sweetspot is huge so its really stability thats prio 1.

Also ~14 grams into handle,i got this simple idea,an overgrip and a coin glued to buttcap,i found that we have a coin here that weighs 10 grams,and should fit in the cap,so that would be ~15 grams,should work atleast for trying out,then i could open up and insert silicone cubes instead when im sure of how much i want.
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