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Originally Posted by Vertiz View Post
Never been a coach so I can only give my 18 year old 2 cents. Personally when I was younger and tried to emulate fed/djok/gasquet, I ended up playing worse usually. Gradually as time went on I developed my own style and don't really look at other players for style or form. The only thing I look at from pros is the small things they do, like take back, footwork, contact point, degree of body rotation. Since I hit a one hander I really look at pro shoulders, elbows, and wrists (tilt, turn, angle, etc) which usually corrects any problem I may have with my stroke. I find that looking at murray's forehand works really well for maintaining my personal stroke, perhaps b/c our fundamentals are similar even though the strokes are not as much. For backhands I look at roger's takeback and swingpath. Occasionally I'll look at james blake as well because his backhand really vividly shows me what I need to concentrate on (low to high, contact in front, solid wrist). I feel that each person has a different pro/or pros that they should look at for fine tuning. No one should try to "copy" what someone else does though because that will lead to failure. I think
thanks for posting this. very good points. also, good to see that the single-handed backhand is still alive!
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