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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
REALITY: Internal shoulder (upper arm rotation) produces the greatest contribution to racket head speed on the serve as described by Bruce Elliott & associates for the last 2 decades.
^ This.

The coiling and uncoiling of the body is so underrated. I used to always struggle with creating pace on my serve -- I used to always arm and muscle it.

Then, I saw a slow motion video of Stefan Edberg serving. When Edberg starts his motion, he literally turns his shoulders and head and looks at the side fence. Then he tosses the ball and goes through his motion. And he gets unbelievable flat pop on his ball.

So all I did was do what he does. I pointed my front foot at about 33 degrees relative to the baseline. Before I toss the ball, I turn my head and shoulders a little bit to where I am facing the side fence. I swear this added a ton of effortless pace to my serve. The power of uncoiling the torso and shoulder is huge.

I was absolutely stunned at the difference such a small tweak could make. And my service motion is FAR from orthodox and fundamental. I recommend anyone to just try this small, simple thing.
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