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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
IMO there's no such thing as a "low powered" racquet. I can hit plenty of shots just as deep with my Prestige as I can with a Babo PD. I also hit plenty of shots way long with "low powered" players sticks.

IMO, the more important things, as already described, are technique and string choice.

I would also add that the string pattern perhaps has more to do with the equation than the stick itself. More open string patterns have a higher trajectory off the stringbed than dense patterns. therefore, it may be a tad easier to hit shots out of bounds with open string patterns, if one still has trouble with producing enough spin to compensate.
Yeah, I'm leaning toward rebound trajectory differences explaining most of players' perceptions of power. And then, regarding string pattern, the topspin player likes the open pattern and its high rebound angle because he's bringing the ball down with spin anyway, while the flat ball guy likes the closed pattern because the low rebound trajectory doesn't require him to apply any extra spin.
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