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ARFED, I cannot agree that only Borg is in the claycourt league with Nadal. What about Rosewall? That guy won six times at Roland Garros even though he did not play there in several years when he could have won that title: 1955, 1956. 1957, 1963, 1964, 1965,1966,1967, 1970,1971, 1972...
He was a fantastic clay courter, but imo he was a tier below Nadal and Borg. Altough he was amazing on the red stuff, he wasn`t even close to the level of dominance achieved by the other two. I place him together with Kuerten and Wilander, probably ahead of those 2. Besides, winning the French Pro at RG is not the equivalent of winning RG in the open era. A pro major is not the same as an open major. It`s not Kenny`s fault if he couldn`t play more in the open era but i can`t award him with imaginary trophies. If we go by that logic then let`s give Borg 2 or 3 more RG, after all when he retired he was the best clay courter by far. He did face hard cometition on clay (Trabert, Gimeno, Laver, Segura, Hoad, Gonzalez) but he never had that aura of invincibility. Many of those players had the better of him numerous times on clay. Borg and Nadal obliterated all of his rivals on clay (Vilas, Orantes, Panatta, Pecci, Nastase, Federer, Djokovic, Ferrer, Coria, Gaudio, etc).
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